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About ASKO

ASKO professional products are known worldwide as high quality, innovative and durable products, therefore this makes them ideal for the rigorous demands of the professional market.

We are committed to protecting the environment, to demonstrate this ASKO continuously strives to find environmentally friendly solutions and to use resources economically. Our machines are water and energy efficient and are built to last.

All ASKO products are manufactured to an extremely high standard. We are driven by a passion to create products that are destined to become a much loved part of your business.


The ASKO story started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, when an innovative young man built a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier.

More than 70 years later, ASKO is a well loved Swedish brand, inspired by typical Scandinavian values such as functionality, minimalistic design, high quality and environmental responsibility.

Photo of Tumble Dryers

ASKO Industries

Rigorously tested through 15,000 loads. ASKO appliances are designed for small and large businesses in all industries.

Our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are built to three standards:

  • quality
  • durability
  • efficiency. 
Therefore, ASKO washing machines and tumble dryers allow businesses to run:

  • smoothly
  • economically, and
  • with reduced environmental impact.
Photo of Female Housekeeper Making Bed In Hotel to illustrate Hotels industry


We know that you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your guests. Therefore, it’s important that your on-premises laundry is up to the task of providing fluffy towels, clean sheets and crisp napkins. Reducing costs from utility bills is also of significant importance. By keeping laundry in-house rather than sending it away saves time and money and gives more control of the laundry process.

Photo of Medical dentist team in dental office examining list of patients illustrating medical industries

Medical and Veterinary Practices

ASKO tailor appliances to the health care industry. Our washing machines and tumble dryers provide optimal hygiene levels even when large loads are in question. We undertake all necessary safety and hygiene crosschecks and adhere to all EU rules and regulations. As a result of which, this provides the peace of mind that you can work safely and effectively. ASKO professional appliances are highly reliable and equipped with adjustable programmes such as the disinfection programme, that provides effective and sterile results.

Photo of Two male and female waiters serve a table in the restaurant wiping glasses for wine illustrating hospitality industry


The demand to keep the highest standards possible are of particular significance in the hospitality industry.

ASKO Professional washing machines and tumble dryers deliver the following features perfect for the hospitality industry:

  • tailored programmes
  • user-friendly features, and
  • unique functions to meet specific requirements.
Photo of Side view of happy nurse standing in room with copy space, and carrying about disabled grey haired man in wheelchair illustrating retirement and care homes

Retirement and Care Homes

We understand that the requirements for washing machines and tumble dryers in retirement and care homes are directly related to regulatory standards.

For this reason, our machines offer:

  • a range of programmes that disinfect to the strictest requirements
  • a fast clean cycle to ensure every load produces great results, and
  • a wide range of programmes allowing washing of a large variety of items.
Photo of Woman hairdresser at work in salon illustrating hairdressing industry


Domestic washing machines fail to keep up with the requirements for a busy hairdressers. They are too slow and drains become clogged with hair.

ASKO professional washing machines are more suited to a hairdressers, because they are:

  • faster
  • have large holes in the drum to flush hair away, and
  • last longer than domestic machines.
Photo illustrating Facility Management industry

Facility Management

ASKO professional machines are:

  • robust
  • durable, and
  • extremely easy to use and understand.

They can run at high temperatures fulfilling all hygiene and antibacterial demands.

Photo illustrating Cleaning companies

Cleaning Companies

Demands for hygiene and thorough cleaning are hugely important for cleaning companies. Efficient floor cleaning calls for proper washing of the cleaning equipment. It is important that the quality of washing machines and tumble dryers copes with current hygiene demands. ASKO Professional washing machines and tumble dryers have specific programmes for cleaning mops and microfibre cleaning cloths.

Food Processing

ASKO commercial washing machines have a range of disinfection programmes ideal for cleaning the fabrics used in food processing. This provides disinfection levels required to thoroughly clean uniforms and protective clothing.

Photo illustrating Schools and nurseries industry

Schools and Nurseries

Our professional washing machines and tumble dryers are robust, durable and extremely easy to use and understand. They run at high temperatures fulfilling all the necessary hygiene and antibacterial demands required to ensure pupils and staff are kept safe. Our machine’s quick programmes are ideal for returning classrooms and communal areas speedily back to normal!

Photo illustrating Sports Clubs

Sport Clubs

Having to clean multiple sets of heavily worn kit ready for training the next day requires robust, efficient laundry equipment you can rely on every day. ASKO’s range of specialised programmes ensure colours and logos stay fresh and bright.

Photo of salons, spas and fitness centres

Salons/Spas/Fitness Centres

With special programmes for washing towels our machines are suitable for use in the following environments:

  • beauty salons,
  • spas,
  • fitness studios,
  • swimming pools, and
  • saunas.
Photo of The Brighton Marina to illustrate the marina industry


Give your guests the ability to clean and dry their washing, and add an additional revenue stream to your business.

Photo of Group Of College Students In Lounge Of Shared House Studying Together to illustrate student accommodation

Student Accommodation

ASKO commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are ideal for student accommodation, either for:

  • fully occupied halls of residence, or
  • shared houses.

This means they are perfect for the needs of young people and those who provide accommodation.


ASKO machines are suitable for marine use in all offshore settings, including

  • cruise ships
  • ferries, and
  • yachts

Our machines are robust and have a range of programmes for all types of laundry.

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