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Photo of washing machine

Washing Machines

ASKO commercial washing machine are the perfect choice for your business. They offer a minimal environmental footprint that provides high quality results. The design of our products allows them to integrate into social areas such as beauty salons and cafés. They are robust enough to fit in harsh, industrial working conditions. At ASKO, usability and design go hand in hand, ensuring you get a reliable and flexible new co-worker.

ASKO appliances make repetitive tasks simple. The performance of our washing machines is exceptional. Our commercial washing machines fit in a variety of situations, such as:

  • day care,
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • dentists and health clinics, and
  • heavy-duty offshore environments.


Steel Seal™ and Professional Door

Animation illustrating Steel Seal
Our doors do not have rubber bellows, which means we can create a shallow bowl shape. This means the door takes up less space and makes the machine easy to load and unload.
Removing rubber bellows, which degrade and trap dirt and grime, ensures a more hygienic wash. All our professional washers have this long-lasting door solution. We call it Steel Seal™.

Active Drum™

The unique drum shape and hole pattern in our washing machines provides both deep cleaning and gentleness. We call it Active Drum™.
Hourglass-shaped removable lifters guide the washing to the gentler central area of the drum. Debris, such as dirt and gravel, moves to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. This is ideal when washing mops, for instance, which often contain a lot of sand and/or smaller stones.
Animation illustrating Active Drum

Quattro Construction™

Animation illustrating Quattro Construction
The outer drum rests on four strong shock absorbers. These are firmly attached to the steel bottom plate.
The entire construction is inside the machine, when it spins at high spin speed there is virtually no vibration. The Quattro Construction™ system is extremely durable and prolongs lifetime of the entire machine.

Balanced Load Control

The ASKO balance control senses when the laundry is evenly or unevenly distributed inside the drum.
An even distribution restrains the noise and mechanical stress level of the spinning machine.
Extends life span.
  • 1-3 attempts on max spin speed

  • 4-7 attempts on first reduced spin speed

  • 8-10 attempts on last reduced spin speed

  • After 10 attempts unbalance error shows

Foam Control

Too much foam inside the washing machine can reduce its ability to wash effectively. Our commercial washing machines are fitted with sensors that detect foam levels and automatically begin to remove excess foam. Adding rinse water 

and draining consecutively removes excess foam until optimum levels are restored.

Water Safety

Inlet Hose

Illustration of Inlet Hose

All ASKO commercial washing machines connect to the mains with a PEX hose and brass fittings. PEX is as safe as copper pipes; it can withstand 10 bar at 95ºC for 50 years.

Maximum inlet time

If the correct water level is not achieved within a specified time the machine will automatically stop the programme, close the inlet valve and activate drain sequence.

Illustration of Maximum Inlet Time

Water overfill protection

Illustration of Water Overfill Protection

If the maximum expected level of water in the machine is exceeded, a high level sensor automatically stops the programme, closes the inlet valve and activates the drain sequence.

Drainage Options

Anti-Block Drain Pump

Counteracts stoppages by changing direction in the event of blockages.

Illustration of Anti Block Drain Pump

Outlet Valve

Illustration of Outlet Valve

Faster removal of water from drum, reducing programme time.

Outlet valves are better suited in heavy duty environments where objects can become stuck in drain pumps.

Usage Over Lifetime

We test our commercial washing machines to 15,000 cycles. This is equivalent to the lifetime of two semi-professional washing machines or six domestic washing 

machines. This ensures lifetime costs and environmental impact are low.

Illustration of usage of washing machines over lifetime

Our Washing Machines

Washing Machine

Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 6kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200rpm
  • Finish: Light grey

Washing Machine

Photo of WMC 743 PG Front Open

Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 7kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm
  • Finish: Touch Proof™ Stainless steel

Washing Machine

Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 8kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm
  • Finish: Light grey

Washing Machine

Photo of WMC 947 VS Front Open

Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 9kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm
  • Finish: Touch Proof™ Stainless steel

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